It was hot day in Mississauga. I woke. She slept naked beside me breathing deeply. The sounds of the air-conditioner and the cars passing by on the streets were the only sounds I could hear. I sat on the bed, looked out the window, inhaled deeply and got up. I put on my burgundy shorts, obey sleeveless shirt and my Chicago Bulls snapback. I shuffled out the room. The living room was bright. The sun made the bage walls, the polished brown wooden floors and the black leather couch glare. As I walked out Marco came running towards me, he jumped up at my leg and fell to the ground. I rubbed his belly, after which he barked and kept running around. I smiled at him and strolled towards the balcony. I slid open the door and sat on the couch outside. I reached into my pockets for my iphone, Ziploc bag and my red lighter. I brought out my blunt and sparked it. I took the first deep breadth and smiled.

I stared into the sky and thought to myself.

I should do this every fucking day.