The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald.

This book is one of elegance, suspense and mystery. It is based on the experience of man named James caraway and his adventures in New York. The story goes over a summer period. He works in the bond business and lives beside a wealthy man named Jay Gatsby. early in the story he sees parties going on in the house beside him but never goes over.  One day he visits his cousin Daisy who introduces him to Jordan Baker. She finds out he lives beside Gatsby and invites him to one of Gatsby’s parties. They subsequently meet at one of the parties where they interact and hear different stories about who Gatsby is. He finds out most of the people who come to the parties have no idea who Gatsby is and just come because his parties are fun. While having a conversation with a man he finds out that he in fact is Mr Gatsby. After their conversation that night they go on to become friends and interact with each other.  Gatsby finds out that James knows daisy and he figures out that Mr. Gatsby and Daisy are lovers from the past. He sets up a meeting for them and they fall in love over again. Daisy who has a child and a husband, who is in love with another woman, begins spending time with Gatsby. She gives him the impression that they will get together. I am not going to spoil the story for you but I will say that it is a love story with a sad unpredictable ending.

Scott Fitzgerald pays special attention to detail throughout the story. His attention to detail gives a specific feel to each circumstance. Reading the story he puts you in each situation and makes you feel as if you’re in the room with them in each circumstance. He tells the story in first person. The most exciting part of the story and where I think the story excels is in the character of Jay Gatsby. At the beginning of the story Gatsby is unknown. Nobody knows anything about him or where he gets his money from or what kind of individual he is. He uses the term “old sport” a lot. His true self comes out later in the story where he reveals his love for Daisy. We later see that he is a compassionate loving individual who spent most of his life trying to make enough money just so he can be able to provide for the woman he loves. He dies alone in the end. But you get the feeling that he got to feel what he wanted to feel and he achieved a lot in his young life. Even though he was never able to get the woman he wanted he gave it a shot and for a while even though it was a short period of time. He got to live the life he had envisioned for a long. There is an old advertisement of a man in glasses that comes up several times during the story which gives an impression of someone watching over the characters in the book. The only criticism I have of this book is that the beginning part is not too clear and makes it difficult to continue reading the book.

What seemed to be a story about a wealthy young man at the beginning turned out to be a love story of tragic proportions. The characters in the book make it an excellent read. This was Scott Fitzgerald’s Magnus Opus and you can see why in his writing and his passion throughout the story. I encourage you to read this book. There is a certain point at the middle of the book when once you start reading it, you will not be able to put the book down, I promise.