The old man and the sea by Ernest Hemingway.

This book is a masterpiece. It embodies everything I have been thought so far about writing. It starts almost every sentence with a subject and each sentence has a verb. There are some peculiar characteristics about his writing in this novel. He uses and sometimes when “full stops” could be used. He switches tenses in some situations. But switching tenses isn’t bad because I can comprehend what he means. He uses terms about fishing that even though i knew nothing about fishing I could easily understand them in the context h used them. He uses juxtaposition a lot in his writing style. A lot of adjectives and adverbs are used to show emotion as well as add extra details to each situation.

There are less than 5 prominent characters in the whole book. There is the main character Santiago and his friend/boat mate manolin whom he calls “the boy”. He forms a very strong bond with this boy and even though the boys age isn’t clearly stated you get the feeling he isn’t as young as the old man makes him seem. The story seems to be about fishing but is really about an old mans search to find himself. He goes fishing after a long period (84 days) without catching anything. On this faithful day his line hooks something and he can tell this fish is big by the tug on the line. The fish pulls his boat along with him and his journey begins. The fish pulls him along the sea for 1 day and 2 nights. When he gets to see the fish he sees that its a marlin bigger than anyone he had ever seen before. The marlin finally gets tired and gives in after trying to fend santiago off for a while. Santiago catches the fish after a struggle and latches him on to his skiff to pull back to land. On the way he encounters obstacles in the form of sharks, the sharks end up eating the meat of the marlin leaving just the head and the tail. On this journey santiago interacts with himself on the way. We get to know the kind of individual he is an identify with him. Hemingway shows us that Santiago is a man who loves baseball and his favorite player is “the great Dimaggio” and he has great affection for “the boy” and when he was young he visited africa. He dreams of africa which I interpret as a place where he wants to go far away from where he is now. The sea is his comfort and his way of moving on with his life and his way of extingushing his loneliness in life. In the story he said “in the sea you can never truly be lonely.”. During the story you can tell how much he loves fishing and how much that means to him as well as how much knowledge he has gained from his years of fishing. When he gets back to land he uses the last of his energy to pull his boat to shore and stagger back into his bed. He falls into a deep sleep. He wakes up to the boy by his side. The boy advices him to go back to sleep where he again dreams of lions.

The only criticism I have of this book is that it switches between fist person and third person which makes it difficult to comprehend sometimes. But with all this said it is a great book which has made me fall in love with hemigway and I suggest this book to you.