She makes my heart beat fast every time I see her, she makes me self conscious about everything I do, she has the nicest smile you’ve ever seen in this world. She is the most friendly person I’ve ever known which makes people want to possess her, she has a caring heart but also has a no nonsense attitude. She’s cool and sexy at the same time. She’s cute, has the perfect personality which makes everyone that meets her want to be her friend. Seeing her makes me wonder what she sees in me. In my mind I’m thinking “what have I done to deserve such beauty in my life”.

Kissing her gives me the best pleasure I receive every day I get to do it. She’s the best thing to ever happen to me because she makes me better in every way. In order to get a girl like this well u don’t have to do much, u just have to be me because she’s my one and only miss FBG.  I ❥ her

Vere Beauregard