Wake and Bake

It was hot day in Mississauga. I woke. She slept naked beside me breathing deeply. The sounds of the air-conditioner and the cars passing by on the streets were the only sounds I could hear. I sat on the bed, looked out the window, inhaled deeply and got up. I put on my burgundy shorts, obey sleeveless shirt and my Chicago Bulls snapback. I shuffled out the room. The living room was bright. The sun made the bage walls, the polished brown wooden floors and the black leather couch glare. As I walked out Marco came running towards me, he jumped up at my leg and fell to the ground. I rubbed his belly, after which he barked and kept running around. I smiled at him and strolled towards the balcony. I slid open the door and sat on the couch outside. I reached into my pockets for my iphone, Ziploc bag and my red lighter. I brought out my blunt and sparked it. I took the first deep breadth and smiled.

I stared into the sky and thought to myself.

I should do this every fucking day.


The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald.

This book is one of elegance, suspense and mystery. It is based on the experience of man named James caraway and his adventures in New York. The story goes over a summer period. He works in the bond business and lives beside a wealthy man named Jay Gatsby. early in the story he sees parties going on in the house beside him but never goes over.  One day he visits his cousin Daisy who introduces him to Jordan Baker. She finds out he lives beside Gatsby and invites him to one of Gatsby’s parties. They subsequently meet at one of the parties where they interact and hear different stories about who Gatsby is. He finds out most of the people who come to the parties have no idea who Gatsby is and just come because his parties are fun. While having a conversation with a man he finds out that he in fact is Mr Gatsby. After their conversation that night they go on to become friends and interact with each other.  Gatsby finds out that James knows daisy and he figures out that Mr. Gatsby and Daisy are lovers from the past. He sets up a meeting for them and they fall in love over again. Daisy who has a child and a husband, who is in love with another woman, begins spending time with Gatsby. She gives him the impression that they will get together. I am not going to spoil the story for you but I will say that it is a love story with a sad unpredictable ending.

Scott Fitzgerald pays special attention to detail throughout the story. His attention to detail gives a specific feel to each circumstance. Reading the story he puts you in each situation and makes you feel as if you’re in the room with them in each circumstance. He tells the story in first person. The most exciting part of the story and where I think the story excels is in the character of Jay Gatsby. At the beginning of the story Gatsby is unknown. Nobody knows anything about him or where he gets his money from or what kind of individual he is. He uses the term “old sport” a lot. His true self comes out later in the story where he reveals his love for Daisy. We later see that he is a compassionate loving individual who spent most of his life trying to make enough money just so he can be able to provide for the woman he loves. He dies alone in the end. But you get the feeling that he got to feel what he wanted to feel and he achieved a lot in his young life. Even though he was never able to get the woman he wanted he gave it a shot and for a while even though it was a short period of time. He got to live the life he had envisioned for a long. There is an old advertisement of a man in glasses that comes up several times during the story which gives an impression of someone watching over the characters in the book. The only criticism I have of this book is that the beginning part is not too clear and makes it difficult to continue reading the book.

What seemed to be a story about a wealthy young man at the beginning turned out to be a love story of tragic proportions. The characters in the book make it an excellent read. This was Scott Fitzgerald’s Magnus Opus and you can see why in his writing and his passion throughout the story. I encourage you to read this book. There is a certain point at the middle of the book when once you start reading it, you will not be able to put the book down, I promise.


The Old Man and The Sea

The old man and the sea by Ernest Hemingway.

This book is a masterpiece. It embodies everything I have been thought so far about writing. It starts almost every sentence with a subject and each sentence has a verb. There are some peculiar characteristics about his writing in this novel. He uses and sometimes when “full stops” could be used. He switches tenses in some situations. But switching tenses isn’t bad because I can comprehend what he means. He uses terms about fishing that even though i knew nothing about fishing I could easily understand them in the context h used them. He uses juxtaposition a lot in his writing style. A lot of adjectives and adverbs are used to show emotion as well as add extra details to each situation.

There are less than 5 prominent characters in the whole book. There is the main character Santiago and his friend/boat mate manolin whom he calls “the boy”. He forms a very strong bond with this boy and even though the boys age isn’t clearly stated you get the feeling he isn’t as young as the old man makes him seem. The story seems to be about fishing but is really about an old mans search to find himself. He goes fishing after a long period (84 days) without catching anything. On this faithful day his line hooks something and he can tell this fish is big by the tug on the line. The fish pulls his boat along with him and his journey begins. The fish pulls him along the sea for 1 day and 2 nights. When he gets to see the fish he sees that its a marlin bigger than anyone he had ever seen before. The marlin finally gets tired and gives in after trying to fend santiago off for a while. Santiago catches the fish after a struggle and latches him on to his skiff to pull back to land. On the way he encounters obstacles in the form of sharks, the sharks end up eating the meat of the marlin leaving just the head and the tail. On this journey santiago interacts with himself on the way. We get to know the kind of individual he is an identify with him. Hemingway shows us that Santiago is a man who loves baseball and his favorite player is “the great Dimaggio” and he has great affection for “the boy” and when he was young he visited africa. He dreams of africa which I interpret as a place where he wants to go far away from where he is now. The sea is his comfort and his way of moving on with his life and his way of extingushing his loneliness in life. In the story he said “in the sea you can never truly be lonely.”. During the story you can tell how much he loves fishing and how much that means to him as well as how much knowledge he has gained from his years of fishing. When he gets back to land he uses the last of his energy to pull his boat to shore and stagger back into his bed. He falls into a deep sleep. He wakes up to the boy by his side. The boy advices him to go back to sleep where he again dreams of lions.

The only criticism I have of this book is that it switches between fist person and third person which makes it difficult to comprehend sometimes. But with all this said it is a great book which has made me fall in love with hemigway and I suggest this book to you.



I don’t always go to church. Most times when I go to church I do not even pay attention to what is going on. This is because I feel like church is a place where people who believe in God go. I am not saying I don’t believe in God. I do. What I am saying is that there are people who believe in God and his teachings debates what their life is about. I admire those people because to have undying faith and love in God is really trying and takes a lot of courage. For someone to believe in someone they can’t physically see but still believe that he guides their lives and everything in the world, that takes a lot of bravery.

I want to believe undeniably that there is a God but I find myself being a fair-weather worshipper which is not good. I hope somewhere down the road I find the courage in my heart to truly trust him to guide me down the right path. But for now I’m just hoping that he is watching over me and guiding me in everything I do.


She makes my heart beat fast every time I see her, she makes me self conscious about everything I do, she has the nicest smile you’ve ever seen in this world. She is the most friendly person I’ve ever known which makes people want to possess her, she has a caring heart but also has a no nonsense attitude. She’s cool and sexy at the same time. She’s cute, has the perfect personality which makes everyone that meets her want to be her friend. Seeing her makes me wonder what she sees in me. In my mind I’m thinking “what have I done to deserve such beauty in my life”.

Kissing her gives me the best pleasure I receive every day I get to do it. She’s the best thing to ever happen to me because she makes me better in every way. In order to get a girl like this well u don’t have to do much, u just have to be me because she’s my one and only miss FBG.  I ❥ her

Vere Beauregard


Was watching midnight in Paris last night which made me fall in love with Paris. This morning i watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona and fell in love with Barcelona. What i’m getting at is that i absolutely love Europe and i want to know what language I should learn. I love french and i love Spanish but i can’t learn both right now. Both countries are really inspirational and i know if i can get to live in any one of them it would be a dream come true. I just hope one day i’m able to reach these dreams of mine.


I think there are so many distractions in this world of today that take us away from the things that should be most important to us. I am a victim of these distractions. I find myself spending hours dabbling in useless conversations on twitter. Staying on tumblr, facebook etc. Worst of all i spend a lot of time watching basketball on TV, even though i can’t play for shit. These distractions are good sometimes like during exams or when you’re stressed. But people these days spend all their time doing these distractions that it becomes part of their lives.

I hope these distractions can come out of me with time and practice. But there’s just something in me that drives me back to it. Maybe its the draw to fit in, maybe not. Still i would love to spend the whole day sitting outside on the grass or on a porch somewhere reading a book.

Maybe somewhere quiet with a view.

Reading List

These are the books i hope to read and understand the way they construct their sentences and story lines. U have to understand the past in order to move into the future.

  • William Shakespeare: Othello, Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear
  • Charles Dickens: Great Expectations
  • Ernest Hemingway: From whom the bell tolls, A farewell to Arms
  • Harper Lee: To kill a Mocking Bird
  • J. D Salinger: The Catcher in the Rye
  • Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby

I hope to get all these books read by the end of summer.


I was watching Midnight in Paris, a movie by woody Allen who has been nominated for 15 best original screenplays at the academy awards. The movie got me into thinking about reading old novels. I’ve always been a fan of reading novels even though i find them boring most of the time. I’ve been in this writing class in summer school and ever since then all i can think about is writing. I think the best way to improve my writing is to see the way the best in history have done it. So for the next couple of weeks i’ll be reading the best classics by these authors Charles dickens, Ernest Hemingway, William Shakespeare, Scott Fitzgerald.

Hello world!

I started this blog to show you that i have a full fledged obligation to be a writer. I am going to be putting up weekly updates about things that i wish to write about. Might come more frequently as i get a hang for this writing thing. But all in all get ready for some mind boggling shit.